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Trauma Therapy Retreats

Half-day mini-retreats, and weeklong intensive retreats provide the space and time to heal from complex issues in a gentle yet powerful way. The retreat format allows you to make significant process with processing trauma in a shorter period of time compared to the same treatment in the hourly therapy format.

Trauma Therapy Retreats are not widely known, but they are a highly effective, evidence based and research supported approach. They were developed by experts at leading institutions; the Psychotrauma Expertise Centre of Holland, and Trauma Institute and Child Trauma Institute in Northampton, MA where Hannah was a post graduate fellow and staff psychotherapist and continues to lead trainings and provide clinical supervision.

During therapy sessions, you will work with Hannah one-on-one and may utilize methods including: EMDR, Progressive Counting, Flash, IFS/Parts Work, Somatic Psychology, and Trauma-Informed Yoga. These modalities allow you to resolve and make meaning of your confusing symptoms, past experiences, balance your nervous system, and reconnect with your strengths. Hannah’s approach includes both structure and freedom, offering a supportive container, while also trusting your innate wisdom.

Sessions may be held via remote teletherapy or in-person at the office in Easthampton, MA for residents throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Please note that lodging is not included. If you are traveling for an in-person retreat, you can choose from the various accommodations nearby. Recommendations can be provided upon request.

Insurance companies will often cover one hour per day and the remaining costs will be out of pocket or an HSA and FSA eligible expense.

Hannah currently has openings for trauma therapy retreat clients. If you’re interested in learning more, please schedule a free 20 minute call with Hannah to see if Trauma Therapy Retreats are a good fit.

Benefits of Intensive Therapy Retreats
Compared to Hourly Therapy

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In the above video Hannah Tosi, LICSW, YTT shares about the differences, benefits, pros and cons of the trauma therapy retreat format compared to hourly therapy.

Intensive Retreats

3-5 consecutive days of 6 hour sessions with lunch and additional breaks as needed

9AM-4PM each day

Cost: $1200 per day

Intensive Therapy Retreats include 3-5 consecutive days so that you can dive deeper into your healing process and address the trauma that is holding you back from feeling free to live life fully and authentically. You deserve to feel safe and empowered within fulfilling relationships. Together we will practice accepting and self-regulating emotions with compassion so you can thrive. Note: Food and lodging not included.

Mini Retreats

Half-day 3 hour sessions 
with breaks as needed

9AM-12PM, 1PM-4PM, or 3PM-6PM

Cost: $600 per half-day

During your bi-weekly or monthly half-day retreats you will have a chance to open up deeply, build a trusting relationship, and have the time to tend to what arises on a more comprehensive level than what can occur in weekly, hour-long sessions. Learn to hear your true-heart’s calling and reclaim your sense of self, body sovereignty, and joy, by developing a consistent practice of presence and connection.

Personalized Treatment

In consultation with Hannah, a personalized treatment plan will be co-created based on your unique needs and interests.

In the first session, Hannah will seek to understand your symptoms and how they are currently holding you back from living the life you would like. She will assist you in setting intentions for your healing journey, and developing a shared language for assuring a safe and collaborative therapeutic environment. 

The treatment generally includes building on innate strengths, learning strategies for coping with difficult emotions, and utilizing EMDR to process difficult past experiences and reoccurring symptoms. IFS and somatic psychotherapy will generally also be offered to incorporate all aspects of you in the healing process.


Somatic and mindfulness practices help you to regulate the nervous system and cultivate a felt sense of safety.


Check in at the start of each session to set intentions and identify a trauma memory or stuck feelings and symptoms to work through.


Light movement may include trauma informed yoga and restorative stretching to release tension in the body.


The bulk of your session will be spent processing trauma memories or stuck symptoms utilizing methods such as EMDR & IFS/Parts Work.


We close each session with grounding somatic and mindfulness practices to help us release residual trauma stored in the body and integrate lessons learned through your processing.

Why Choose an Intensive Therapy or Mini Retreat?

It can be discouraging to keep going to therapy on a weekly basis with great intentions and a healing relationship with your therapist, but still feel caught in trauma reactivity or stuck symptoms.

Renew your healing process and give yourself time to step out of your routines and retreat into self-reflection with the support of a compassionate presence, and a effective treatment structure.

The modalities of EMDR, IFS, Somatic Psychotherapy, and Trauma Informed Yoga work on both a brain and body level, allowing you to shift perspective and behaviors in a different way than talk therapy.

It’s motivating to go to therapy when it actually works and you feel yourself reaching your goals. These methods are highly sought after because they work. It is possible to heal from complex trauma, with the right conditions. 

Build trust and create space for your healing. Feel more at ease throughout your process.  The longer format of Intensive Retreats allows more time to heal, work with defenses, explore complex issues, and get to the root issues. Mini retreats allow you to experience the benefit of a retreat in a more affordable and consistent manner. 

Hannah currently has openings for trauma therapy retreat clients. If you’re interested in learning more, please schedule a free 20 minute call with Hannah to see if Trauma Therapy Retreats are a good fit.


Since I began my trauma healing journey with Hannah my life has changed immensely. She has shown me incredible support and compassion, and fully allows her office to be a judgment free space. Her holistic approach to EMDR in combination with yoga and movement has allowed me to completely change the way I think and feel about my past, as well as prepare me for my future. She has been such an important part of not only my recovery, but my life as a whole.
-FV, Client

In the above video Hannah Tosi, LICSW, RYT, EMDR Certified therapist explains what EMDR is and how it can help you in your healing process.

What is Holistic Therapy?

This kind of therapy integrates mind, body, spirit, and eco-system to address wellbeing and help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself. Methods include IFS, EMDR, Somatic Psychotherapy, and trauma-informed Yoga.


Curious about the treatment process or which therapeutic services will be the right fit? I’m here to answer your questions.

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