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for survivors of trauma to heal, embody their whole selves, and be aligned with their true nature in a culture of connection


Hannah Tosi provides holistic therapy for survivors of trauma who are ready to reclaim their sense of self, break the cycle, and let go of symptoms that are holding them back. 

Hannah works with adults, and teens age 13 and over.

She specializes in treating:

Hannah's approach

Your personalized treatment plan may include EMDR, IFS, somatic psychotherapy, and trauma informed yoga depending upon your needs and interests. Hannah works within an intensive therapy retreat format. Half day mini-retreats, and weeklong intensive retreats provide space and time to heal from complex issues in a gentle yet powerful way. This approach treats trauma and other mental health challenges on a body, mind, and heart level, going beyond talk therapy with methods that get to the root of your issues. She works with each client to create a personalized treatment plan that provides a clear path out of suffering. This may include processing of trauma, understanding and resolving difficult symptoms, building secure attachment, bolstering your innate strengths, and balancing your nervous system. Clients say they walk away feeling more at ease, aligned with their true selves, empowered, and connected to the world around them.

certifications degrees & experience

LICSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Private practice serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire online and in-person located in Easthampton, MA

EMDR Certified Trauma Specialist

Intensive Trauma Therapist and post-graduate fellow at the world renowned Trauma Institute in Northampton, MA.

Certified Rape Crisis Counselor & Advocate

Trained in safely and compassionately supporting survivors of sexual assault, violence, and intimate partner violence by the Center for Women and Community at UMass Amherst. Former counselor at Rape Crisis Center.

Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher & Trainer

Kripalu certified yoga teacher with over 10 years of dedicated yoga practice. Trains therapists on integrating yoga into psychotherapy.

B.Sc. in Public Health Sciences, UMass Amherst

Summa Cum Laude Graduate

MSW, Smith College
Five College Circle of Scholars

"I have learned so much from my education and professional roles, yet
my life experiences as a survivor of complex childhood trauma and intergenerational trauma have been my most powerful teachers.
I know first hand that it is possible to heal. I am passionate about sharing the modalities that have transformed my own life and holding space for survivors to reclaim their power too."
- Hannah Tosi

When not providing therapy, Hannah loves  spending time in nature, cooking up tasty meals in the kitchen, and dancing at community music events. She is a knitter, a cat lover, and a dedicated yoga practitioner. Hannah is a follower of the seasonal cycles and ancestral earth-based practices. She and her partner are working towards building a small permaculture homestead in the woods of Western Massachusetts where they dream of growing herbs and mushrooms, raising chickens, and hosting community gatherings around the fire.



Trauma survivors have lived through difficult truths that others may sweep under the rug, deny, or stigmatize. Your truth is valid and valuable. Each person’s story is necessary for the evolution of our culture. I am honored to hear your story. 


There are many experiences you may have that I will never know on a lived-experience level, from identity to individual and cultural experiences. I make space for feedback so I can meet your needs. I believe repairing relational mis-attunements to be a valuable part of building trust and healing from relational trauma.


Feeling safe is an important part of recovering from trauma. I offer tools for nervous system stabilization and grounding. The methods I offer create the right conditions to process trauma without being overwhelming. Please note that my services are not appropriate for folks who are actively in crisis. 


I listen to my clients on a whole body level. Being present with my body and senses allows you to drop into your feelings, sensations, and emotions on a deeper level. Just talking about and conceptually understanding your issues is good, but I believe if we feel it to heal it, thats great. 


“Our bodies are not a metaphor for the earth, they are the earth” -Samantha Zipporah. Many of us find solace in nature while grieving changing eco-systems. Connection to the natural world is woven into EMDR, parts work, and trauma informed yoga to deepen their sense of being in healing relationship with the plants, animals, and elements in their lives. 


A hallmark of trauma and social oppression is a sense of powerlessness, helplessness, and lack of control. I create a transparent therapeutic space where you have options and agency. I provide a balance of freedom and structure that supports your innate strengths while also offering clear methods to fully step into your power. 

social justice

I believe that a diverse culture of reciprocity, authenticity, and belonging is an antidote to our disconnected world. Communities fragmented by colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy can be and are being reclaimed and turned into spaces of healing and collective strength. This liberation can exist on micro and macro levels, from claiming your own body sovereignty, to organizing for social change. I value equity and social justice as key for dismantling systemic oppression.


Is there something wrong with you, or the culture you’ve been forced to adapt to?  Many of us are recognizing that problematic cultures are a source of despair and loss.  Clients may be interested in building new cultures of connection, reciprocity, earth-honoring, and intentionality. I support exploring how to make these visions a reality. We all carry ancestral legacies, including both pride and adversity, to varying degrees. I support processing intergenerational and ancestral wounds and recovering cultural strengths.


Your emotions are valid. While they may sometimes feel overwhelming, your feelings are important and exist for a reason. These emotions can get stuck if they don’t have an opportunity to be voiced and moved into action. I will support you in (re)connecting with your emotional world in a productive way. The modalities and presence I offer make space to honor and express your body and heart’s intrinsic processing systems.


Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute

Hannah is a trainer at the globally recognized TI/CTI where she was a post-graduate fellow and staff psychotherapist.

Hannah provides retreats in collaboration with ITR, a group of highly trained therapists located at sites across North America.

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