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Trauma-Informed Yoga for Therapists and Their Clients 

August 2, 2023 | 9am-5pm EST | Live Online6 CEs | 3 EMDRIA CEs |  $100

This day long workshop includes four 90-minute sessions exploring foundational concepts and techniques for integrating yoga into psychotherapy. Each session explores both practical and philosophical overlap between the practices of yoga and trauma treatment. Students will practice and learn to lead 4 gentle yoga sequences, 4 yogic breathing techniques, and 4 grounding resources for offering yoga safely and effectively to clients with trauma histories. These skills are also useful  as self-care to mitigate risk of burnout for those working in stressful environments. No prior training in yoga, trauma treatment, or EMDR is required.

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Past Workshops and Trainings

Forestdance (June 2023), Melting into Oneness @ Montague Retreat Center (Mar 2023), Yoga for Trauma Recovery and Emotional Resilience @ Fractalfest SuperTruth (Aug 2022), Yoga for Emotional Resilience @ Unifier Festival (Aug 2022), Trauma Institute and Child Trauma Institute: Trauma-Informed Yoga for Therapists and Their Clients (online) (May 2022), Trauma Institute and Child Trauma Institute: Trauma-Informed Yoga for Therapists and Their Clients (online) (January 2021), Unifier Festival: Yoga for Emotional Resilience (June 2019), Springfield Technical Community College Wellness Fair (March 2019), Nexus Amherst Ecstatic Dance (October 2018), Smith College School for Social Work New Student Orientation (June 2018), Unifier Festival (June 2018), Unifier Roots Gathering (June 2017), Fractaltribe Presents: S>Range (April 2017), Primordial Source: Standing Rock Fundraiser, Ecosystem Productions (March 2017), Unifier Festival and the heARTbeat Collective Present: Return to the Heart (February 2017), Fractaltribe Presents: Logicbomb (January 2016), Fractaltribe Presents: Fractalfest 2016 – Stephentown, NY (July 2016), May Day Hey-Day: The 6th Annual Shop Exhibit – Central, MA (May 2016), Fractaltribe Presents: Spiral Future, New Years Eve  – Central, MA (January 2016), JCC Greater Boston Wellness Expo, Family Yoga (January 2016), Fractaltribe Presents:Extrawelt Live – Central, MA (September 2015), JCC Hingham & Sharon Pre-school Teacher Orientations (September 2015), Wildwoods Music and Arts Festival – Croyden, NH (August 2015), Fractaltribe Presents:  Fractalfest 2015 – Stephentown, NY (July 2015), Fractalribe Presents: Prelude -Central, MA (June 2015), Catalyst Music Festival – Northeast Kingdom, VT (August 2014), Fractaltribe Presents: Fractalfest 2014, Northeast Kingdom, VT (August 2014), Kinetikos/Earth Stewardship Festival – Harvard, MA (August 2014)



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